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Available Summer 2015

Dark Angel Pass Me

by Sim Shattuck.

Dark Angel Pass MeStemming from a 1961 nationwide rumor he remembered, the author has taken to its logical end what would happen if most people believe that a prophecy of earth's universal destruction turns out to be true. The novel begins with a few neighborhood children talking among themselves and metastasizes into a worldwide phenomenon of dreaded holocaust that might become a self-fulfilling disaster. Not only will the world be destroyed by nuclear war, but extraterrestrials, the Siluu, tell their earthly spokesman that they will save everyone younger than twenty and then return them to Earth when the danger is past. It's not an act of kindness that motivates the Siluu; it's that they need certain terrestrial microbes to restore the surface of their own planet before they can leave their Cloud Cities and go home. Saving Earth's young is the price the Siluu are willing to pay to save themselves. At least, this is the claim of Faustino Baptiste Murony, a fourteen-year-old boy living in a trailer with his mother in the small Mississippi River city of Vidalia, Louisiana. The leave-taking of the young gains the name of the Grand Split, and the young actively embrace the preparations while parents and responsible journalists are far more skeptical. The tabloid reporter Buddy Jacobs finds himself dragged in to the madness when allowed to interview the Murony family. He's convinced the Split is a fraud, but his career boost is so great that he won't tell what he's learned about the Muronys and the Splitters. Still, he's haunted by the distinct possibility that the arrival of the Siluu is real. Others are hurt by the tremendous pressure to resolve the truthfulness of the prophecy. His boss Wanda Birdsong is trapped between Buddy's insecurities and the machinations of her evil editor Bill. Several families in New Orleans, meanwhile, lose their young children to the Split, and because these children were the first to respond to the Siluu, they are called the Dark Angels and are abducted and taken to Vidalia, where the Siluu are expected to land first. The novel unfolds a tale of madness, obsession, and the strange willingness of Americans to believe almost anything they hear. Set loose by circumstances the principals can no longer control, the story runs to its dark, violent conclusion.

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The Other Side of the Song The Other Side of the Song by Meg Duly.
The Other Side of the Song is an awesome love story. It is a beautifully woven tale on all aspects of love. It focuses on the mother’s love and romantic love which transcends racial barriers. It starts off sadly with ten year old Missy Brown who is pimped by her mother who is a drug addict and prostitute.

Wild Bill What Really Happened to Wild Bill by Robert Emerson. Author of The Forty Rupee Clock.

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Wild Bill The Abyssal Plain by Sim Shattuck. Author of Pleasant Hurricanes, Basilisk, Krewe of Hecate, and Yarilo’s Dance.

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Available 2015

A Night in Bangkok by Dwan G. Hightower.