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Dream Catcher Publishing's New Releases

Dream Catcher Publishing's New Releases

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The Other Side of the Song The Other Side of the Song by Meg Duly.
The Other Side of the Song is an awesome love story. It is a beautifully woven tale on all aspects of love. It focuses on the mother’s love and romantic love which transcends racial barriers. It starts off sadly with ten year old Missy Brown who is pimped by her mother who is a drug addict and prostitute.

Wild Bill What Really Happened to Wild Bill by Robert Emerson. Author of The Forty Rupee Clock.

Read a review on What Really Happened to Wild Bill at Mystery-Thriller-Book-Reviews.

Wild Bill The Abyssal Plain by Sim Shattuck. Author of Pleasant Hurricanes, Basilisk, Krewe of Hecate, and Yarilo’s Dance.

Read a review on The Abyssal Plain at Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Reviews.

Available Summer 2015

A Night in Bangkok by Dwan G. Hightower.

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Hayden's Way

To provide a safe haven for children with learning disabilities to learn and grow educationally and socially by using multisensory teaching methods, relationship building skills and other educational tools to reach their full potential. Our teachers are certified in Orton-Gillingham and trained in Lindamood Bell techniques. More>>

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Our mission is improve access to health, education and economic opportunity for chronically poor communities. Our work helps communities create a sustainable, prosperous and brighter future. More>>

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