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Jingle Bell Jubilee

A holiday world market benefiting the Tara Project. View images from Jingle Bell Jubilee.

Tara Project Art Festival

View images from the Tara Project Art Festival.

Podcast with Sim Shattuck

Listen to a podcast with Sim Shattuck about his life and following novels.

Dream Catcher Publishing's New Releases

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Wild Bill What Really Happened to Wild Bill by Robert Emerson. Author of The Forty Rupee Clock.

Read a review on What Really Happened to Wild Bill at Mystery-Thriller-Book-Reviews.

Wild Bill The Abyssal Plain by Sim Shattuck. Author of Pleasant Hurricanes, Basilisk, Krewe of Hecate, and Yarilo’s Dance.

Read a review on The Abyssal Plain at Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Reviews.

Available Spring 2014

The Other Side of the Song by Meg Duly.